The Vintage Signals Team are a motley team of Veterans from Signals Units in Southern Ontario as well as volunteers who are passionate about sharing the Signals story.  The Team rose out of the vision of one man who looked around and saw the voices of World War One Signalers had been silenced and knew that we had to work to ensure that the voices who remained were not lost.  And so with one Heliograph a Team was born.  Through interactive displays, the Team share the stories of Signals.  The Team use the equipment of Boer War soldiers like the Heliograph to chart the growth of the tools available to early Signalers.  The Team also tell the story of coding from the Caesar shift to the Enigma Machine and into cyber.


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32 Signal Regiment Book

32 Signal Regiment Royal Canadian Corps of Signals: A History Passionate about Signal Corps history? Experience a unique look at the Toronto Regiment in this book of stories and photos told by its members.


The Last Message: The Scharnhorst

Mar 20, 2021


Signals Hero Captain J.M. Galbraith

Mar 14, 2021

On 21 Dec 43, the L. Edmn R secured a foothold in ORTONA and moved it’s B.H.Q. to the outskirts of the town at 334163. Command Post 2 Cdn Inf Bde HQ was established at 348133. The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada were ordered to move into ORTONA that night and to enable the Bde Comd […]

Signals Hero Lt. R. G Elliott

Mar 14, 2021

On the 26th of February 1945, 6 Canadian Infantry Brigade were to attack the last remaining high ground before the HOCHWALD forest defensive line. The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada were to seize and hold the right of the feature, thus protecting the main attack from flank thrusts and infiltration. To achieve this purpose […]