The Vintage Signals Team are so proud and honoured to announce that one of our major supporter Sally Horsfall Eaton C.M.C.D was appointed to the  Order of Canada for her leadership and for her philanthropy in the area of education and  is an advocate of those with disabilities.  Congratulations!  BZ.

Join us for an hour-long interview with two of our very own Vintage Signal Team members! In this video, Terri McGillivray and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Lloyd are interviewed by WW2TV on the importance of cyphers of signals in WWII. There is talk about wireless, telephone, motorcycle and even pigeon communications during the war and how the right message at the right time can make or break a battle.

Dieppe and Pigeons Come Together at the LEX

by Ken Lloyd


“Beachcomber remains the only Canadian pigeon and one of only three Canadian Service animals to be awarded the Dickin Medal” (Veterans Affairs). Radio silence was imposed on the Dieppe Raid and the first message to get back to Britain was carried by a pigeon known as “Beachcomber”. Continue reading “Dieppe and Pigeons Come Together at the LEX”

Quantum Supremacy

by Ken Lloyd


On Friday 10th July the Conference of Defence Associations Institute’s Metro Expert Series held a Webinar on Quantum Supremacy and Its Many States of National Insecurity

The topics included the awareness of the Quantum potential in Communications, weather prediction and Intelligence analysis. Speakers itemized the impact for improvements in Artificial Intelligence and Target acquisition through improved Navigation capabilities. The thoughts from speakers periodically returned for their examples to the last great innovation in Cryptography and Computers, the Second World War and Bletchley Park.  

Continue reading “Quantum Supremacy”