Dieppe and Pigeons Come Together at the LEX

by Ken Lloyd


“Beachcomber remains the only Canadian pigeon and one of only three Canadian Service animals to be awarded the Dickin Medal” (Veterans Affairs). Radio silence was imposed on the Dieppe Raid and the first message to get back to Britain was carried by a pigeon known as “Beachcomber”.

4,963 Canadians embarked to Dieppe and only 2,200 returned to Britain, many were wounded, with 1,950 taken prisoner.

“Beachcomber” flew through shrapnel, winds and Hawks released to capture Carrier pigeons.  Beachcomber delivered the message from Maj General Roberts swift and sure. The second pigeon, released only 20 minutes later was badly wounded and only managed to get back very much later.

The Vintage Signals Team and the Victoria County Historical Society collaborated to create a Signals Messenger pigeon display for their LEX “Drive-through Museum in the “Commonwell” Exhibition  in Lindsay, Ontario.  Carl, Ken and Julie from the VST with Barbara and Zack from the Museum hauled and pushed our 1911 Mobile Pigeon loft with display pigeons into position for the display ending in September. Contact us if you want to know more!